Hear from my clients across all treatments.

Somatic Movement Therapy

Aidan M.

"I am delighted how much insight I’ve gained and how much I’ve come to learn and understand about myself and my patterns. Margaret helped and encouraged me through the process, and now I’m able to move forward as a better version of myself. I am much more aware of how connected my mind and body actually are. Margaret introduced me to skills, helping me handle stressful situations in easier and more manageable ways. I was comfortable speaking my mind freely, and felt heard, seen, understood and fully supported through the whole process. Thank you Margaret!"

Mindful Yoga & Shiatsu

Margaret O'S.

"I have been going to Margaret for approximately 20 years now. I first got to know Margaret through her Yoga classes. I found her classes so beneficial that I booked a private treatment with her and have never looked back.  I have a long term injury and I find Shiatsu a very gentle therapy.  I always get results and come away feeling so relaxed in body and mind.  Margaret has treated me when I had sciatica, sinus trouble, she has helped me through grief and through other stressful times in my life. She is AMAZING. I also had Shiatsu with Margaret throughout my pregnancies and loved it.   Margaret is a very kind considerate lady and so easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her."

"I have found my Authentic Movement experience to be wholly nourishing for mind, body and soul. It has helped me greatly to recover my confidence in public speaking and diminished my anxiety about being seen or being the centre of attention. As a result of the sessions, I feel more whole, at peace and sure of myself. The effects are long lasting and I feel the therapy has positively influenced the way I live my life now and how I relate to others. Margaret is a beautiful person and a true professional who led me through the sessions with sensitivity, openness and kindness, in a safe, visually appealing and enriching environment. I felt respected, valued and held in our healing space. Thanks a million Margaret for such a gorgeous experience!"

"I’ve experienced Margaret as a wonderful calm, compassionate therapist. I felt very held and supported throughout the work, both in the touch and talk therapy. Margaret draws from a wide range of knowledge and various methods. I highly recommend working with her as a therapist on trauma, physical issues and overall wellbeing."

Mindful Yoga

Felicity C.

"Margaret’s weekly Mindful Yoga class was an anchor point of calm and grounding for me.  Her warm steady presence and gentle guidance through movement and stillness brought me to a much needed slowing down and settling into my body.  When I became pregnant, I was delighted to hear that Margaret was going to start up a Pregnancy Yoga class.  These classes with other expecting mothers were profoundly soothing and steadying and there was a lovely feeling of bonding and shared experience being part of the group.  I have in the past and continue to recommend Margaret’s classes to anyone who is looking for a bit of time and space for themselves.  She is a vastly experienced teacher of mindful connection with one’s own body."   

Shiatsu Client

Lynn B.

"To receive a Shiatsu from Margaret Link is to be touched by heaven. Her caring demeanour, vast knowledge, and professional approach left me in no doubt that her treatment would relax, restore, and rejuvenate me. She eased my tensions and nurtured my body and soul as she worked her gentle magic. She wears these skills lightly, trusting in her process and relying on years of experience. Margaret ensured that it was a most beautiful session, and it was the start of my journey with her to healing."


Jessie Mc.

"I attended Margaret Link for Shiatsu sessions when I was suffering from suspected Fibromyalgia and going through a difficult patch in my personal life. I found her to be most professional at all times; I was made feel safe and cared for, and the sessions gave me relief from my pain and helped me relax. I highly recommend Margaret to anyone who is suffering, or in need of some pampering, as Shiatsu is of benefit to everyone, not just those with problems, and also boosts the immune system, which is important for all of us at this time."

Shiatsu & Mindful Yoga

Amanda M.

"I loved the warm heart and hearty wisdom Margaret brings to her profession. I highly recommend her warm hands and caring conversations. She is a woman with a wealth of wisdom that she is happy to share, from health and wellbeing to food and life experiences. She was able to bring relief to my suffering and put me back to health. I've also had the pleasure of attending her Yoga classes and found them to be nurturing, gentle with a touch of light-hearted humour. A place of peaceful resting amidst the storms of life. She brings her soul into her work and as such creates a beautiful space that can be enjoyed by all. Thank you, Margaret, for the ray of hope and friendship you bring to your practice. Pleasure to recommend you."


Andy F.

"I have gone to Margaret on a few occasions now for Shiatsu. Each time has been great. I first went to Margaret because I had lower back trouble. After a thorough consultation she set to work. From the initial area she was able to pinpoint where the trouble was coming from. She gave me a further consultation once the Shiatsu was over and explained what she had done during the treatment and also gave me some stretches to help keep my back loose. I found the whole experience very relaxing and professional and have returned since then to get work done on my shoulder and calf. I would highly recommend Margaret and I have also bought her vouchers as presents for my partner and others."

Shiatsu Client

Clare F.

"I had an amazing Shiatsu treatment from Margaret and can't overstate how wonderful the whole experience was. Her professionalism, knowledge and nurturing demeanour immediately made me feel at ease along with the relaxing environment she created. She listened thoughtfully to my needs and was able to give me an amazing Shiatsu therapy that created a lightness and fluidity to my functioning for weeks after. I left the session feeling calm, energised, and any muscle tension was completely released. Cannot recommend this highly enough!"

Shiatsu & Mindful Yoga

Maggie O.

"Margaret is an extremely talented and empathic Shiatsu practitioner. I have sought help from her in times of high anxiety, and the experience is multi-layered with Shiatsu and conversation. Afterwards, I always feel so grounded and ready to face the world again. I am convinced Margaret has super-powers. I've also been to many of her Yoga classes, which are comprehensive but always friendly. Again, with Margaret’s personality it’s hard not to enjoy it, and I always come out of her classes feeling fabulously revitalised.

Mindful Yoga

Anne O'C.

"I've been practising Yoga for decades and thought I knew it all, but attending Margaret's class was a revelation. The use of sound, tapping and innovative body work in addition to standard Yoga asanas created a light-hearted enjoyable atmosphere in class. Always came out feeling physically and mentally refreshed. Atmosphere was very supportive and encouraging to people of all levels of flexibility."

Mindful Yoga Client

Siobhan G.

"I love going to Margaret’s Yoga class, inclusive of different levels, I always leave with a smile."

Mindful Yoga

Marja N.

"Our Yoga lessons are mainly mindful exercises. A lot of attention goes to areas that are easily neglected like our head and our feet. There is always a nice combination of stretching and relaxation; it is important to be kind to yourself and put your worries aside for at least 1.5 hours. We get a lot of verbal information on physical, mental but also spiritual areas often translated into new exercises.

Our group is small and quite stable with some people coming and going. We exchange whatever comes up during our lessons and is valuable for others with humour being part of it. At the end of each session we sit together as a tribe in a circle around candlelight and are invited to share whatever we like without any pressure."

Mindful Yoga

Jessie Mc.

"Margaret is pure Zen. From the moment you walk into the room, you are greeted with a beaming smile and you leave with a pain in your face from smiling. I was nervous joining a Yoga class when I hadn't done any exercise in years, but Margaret immediately put me at my ease and encouraged me to go at my own pace. Thoroughly recommended."

Shiatsu & Mindful Yoga Client

Maureen M.

"I’ve gone to Margaret on many occasions and I find her Shiatsu amazing. She is very professional and trustworthy. I’ve also done her Yoga classes sometimes - great for the mind, body & soul. I would recommend anyone to try it, you would definitely go back for more. Love and light to all."