Authentic Movement
Authentic Movement is meditation in motion, a unique contemplative practice through naturally arising movement and careful observation in the presence of a compassionate other. Authentic Movement can be practised one-on-one or in a group setting.

What is Authentic Movement?

The Discipline of Authentic Movement explores the interaction between mover and witness. This mover/witness dynamic highlights the personal, interpersonal and transpersonal interaction and offers a gentle pathway between being seen and seeing, between the conscious and unconscious. Authentic Movement encourages self-awareness through mindful self-observation with presence from a witness. 

“In the Discipline of Authentic Movement, the literal force of moving and witnessing the embodiment of sensation, emotion and spirit infuses relationship with new ways of knowing the self and the other.”
(Janet Adler, ‘Offering from the Conscious Body’)

What to expect?

During a session we carefully build the relationship between moving and witnessing, depending on prior experience. Guided by your readiness, we agree on a comfortable time-frame and specific outline where you may follow any impulses to either move or not move with your eyes closed. Margaret will be present with her eyes open, acting as witness.  

In this role, Margaret will be responsible for holding a safe space while focussing on her own inner impulses and processes, as she witnesses you in your exploration. 

Following this, we will transition to open up your movement experience. According to your preference, this can be done via a combination of writing, artwork and dialogue. This can be about just one specific moment of your choice during your exploration. Margaret then offers to speak about her witnessing, allowing you some time to help integrate the experience.

As an ongoing weekly practice we follow the developmental arc of the Discipline of Authentic Movement navigating the various relational stages of the mover/witness consciousness. Subsequently, you can choose between one-on-one sessions and/or a more dynamic group setting.

How does Authentic Movement work?

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is a form of bringing consciousness to that which has been suppressed, neglected and forgotten, laying dormant deep within us and often concealing our true potential. In the presence of a witness, we welcome and befriend what is ready to surface. 

This liberation of holding patterns in our body systems allows us to feel more whole, more fully alive and connected to ourselves, our significant others, and the world around us. Authentic Movement often surprises by healing not only on a psychological, spiritual and social level, but also on the physical, reducing various pains, aches and ailments. 

According to its founder Mary Whitehouse, Authentic Movement ‘cultivates an attitude of inner openness, a kind of listening to one’s self’.


Anyone interested can benefit, with no prior experience necessary.  Authentic Movement is practiced in individual and group settings, is effective within the context of psychotherapy, medicine and meditative practices, and is a potent source for artistic expression.

Authentic Movement:

  • Increases spiritual, emotional and physical awareness
  • Inspires new ways of thinking 
  • Helps to dissolve creative blocks
  • Strengthens a sense of agency
  • Improves relational and social attentiveness 
  • Relieves social anxiety
  • Softens the body’s defensive armouring 
  • Offers an opportunity to explore mobility issues
  • Heals and releases unconsciously held blockages
  • Expresses emotions nonverbally that can then be integrated
  • Supports to befriend the unknown and trust our inner and outer processes
  • Opens up a sense of spiritual intelligence and potential
  • Connects us to deeper instincts


A one-on-one Authentic Movement session lasts 60 minutes, available in person and online.

Classes and workshops available on request.

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