About Margaret

Margaret Link (MA, Dip. SMET) is an Integrated Somatic Therapist and Movement Educator with over 25 years of professional practice in the healing arts, offering Somatic Therapy, Shiatsu Body Treatments, Mindful Yoga and Authentic Movement. She provides one-on-one sessions, groups and workshops, both in person and online.

Margaret creates a calm and caring, non-judgemental and confidential therapeutic environment. She facilitates individuals who present with a wide range of chronic and complex physical and emotional conditions.

“Your body is the ancient clay of the universe from which it is made;

and your feet on the ground are a constant connection with the earth. 

Your feet bring your private clay in touch with the ancient

mother clay from which you first emerged.”

(John O’Donohue)

Margaret’s practice is rooted in the deep ecology of our human biology and psychology, dedicated to finding inspired and creative ways to connect with our own internal body-mind wisdom. Her trauma-sensitive approach to natural health allows to regulate the nervous system and attune to the body's self-healing ability as nourishing resource. She supports individuals of all ages and from varied backgrounds on their inner and outer healing journeys. Margaret also offers support and mentoring for therapists and health professionals in their personal and professional development.

Education and Experience

With a well-established background in bodywork, Margaret is qualified as a fully accredited Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist through ORIGINS, a four year ISMETA approved training with Joan Davis completed in 2015. ORIGINS comprises of a comprehensive somatically based study of the developmental process, from pre-conception to early childhood, including attachment studies and trauma restorative therapy, drawing greatly from Body Mind Centring and Biodynamic Craniosacral Osteopathy.  

Most recently, Margaret has completed a three year post-graduate programme in the Discipline of Authentic Movement with Joan Davis and Julia Gombos (USA) in 2021.

In 1996, Margaret completed her diploma in Shiatsu and Macrobiotics in Dublin with Anne Currie and Pat Duggin, applying the Classical Meridian System and 5 Elements approach, including 9 Star Ki Astrology and Feng Shui with Jon Sandifer. To support her busy practice, Margaret expanded on her studies with John Garvey in Skibbereen and later Susan O’Toole, Maria Hallam and Idit Hourigan. She attended ongoing professional development with many renowned teachers such as Paul Lundberg, Rex Lassalle, Pamela Ferguson and Diana Cheong, amongst others.

In 2000, Margaret studied the Sivananda and Kripalu approaches to Yoga at Contemporary Yoga Cork with Marianne Gabriel and Charlie Stevens. This was a natural progression from her body-work complementing her experience with meridians, Shiatsu and Do-In. She deepened her Yoga practice with the study of Vanda Scaravelli’s exceptional gravitational approach, joining dedicated teachers like Margaret Hardman, June Durkin and Diane Long. From this, Margaret gradually developed her own unique style of Mindful Yoga.    

Margaret holds an MA in Women Studies and a BA in Community Education and Development. Her academic endeavours together with the resulting frontline work experience in the fields of Domestic Abuse and Community Health inform her ongoing practice. Additionally, being a registered tutor with SHEP (Social and Health Education Project) in the areas of Personal Development, Effective Communication and Stress Management, as well as Grief, Loss and Change, further enriches her therapeutic approach.  

Margaret regularly attends supervision and is compliant to the code of ethics of ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association) and SSI (Shiatsu Society Ireland). Her continued professional development includes a year-long online training in Polyvagal Therapy with Deb Dana, the study of the Multivagal System with Michael Shea, Body Mind Centring with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and Pre and Perinatal Studies with Jaap van der Waal and Mia Kalef.

Living according to permaculture principles, Margaret is surrounded by stunning views, organic gardens, herbs, trees and the many flowers of wild West Cork.


Margaret offers one-on-one sessions, online and in person, as well as groups and workshops.

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