Somatic Therapy & Movement Education

Margaret Link

As an Integrated Somatic Therapist and Movement Educator, Margaret uniquely combines innovative and holistic forms of therapy that integrate working with and through the body (soma) to effectively address psychological and physiological conditions.

Sessions now available online.



Somatic Therapy is a body-centred approach that takes reparative steps to bring greater balance and release to mental, emotional, physical and biological functions.

Originally from Japan, the deep relaxation experienced through this touch based therapy helps to restore the body’s innate self-healing capacity

Mindful Yoga combines postures and mindful breathing to consciously release tension, unwind our busy minds, reconnect with the earth & relax while strengthening our body.

Authentic Movement is Meditation in motion, a unique contemplative practice through spontaneous movement and careful observation in the presence of a compassionate other.


About Margaret

Margaret Link (MA, Dip. SMET) is an Integrated Somatic Therapist and Movement Educator with over 25 years of professional practice in the healing arts. She offers Somatic Movement Therapy, Shiatsu Body Treatments, Mindful Yoga and Authentic Movement, providing one-on-one sessions, groups and workshops, both in person and online.

Margaret creates a calm and caring, non-judgemental and confidential therapeutic environment. She facilitates individuals who present with chronic and complex physical and emotional conditions.

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Provided you have stable enough internet connection, suitable privacy and don’t already feel totally zoomed out, you might be wondering whether online therapy may be a convenient option for you, temporarily or long-term.